Dubravko Pajalic (Zagreb, Croatia, 1955), graduated from the Music Academy, Department of Musicology and Music Journalism, University of Zagreb, Croatia. He also studied Archival Studies and Informatics in Croatia, Austria and in Canada. His music studies include: the flute, guitar, choral conducting (Emil Cossetto, Jon Washburn) and composition (Stanko Horvat). Since arriving to Canada he has been conducting community and church choirs, and regularly attends music workshops.

Between 1974 and 1989, he was the music critic and reviewer for several newsletters and magazines in Croatia. He has also edited and arranged many Croatian folk and classical music for chamber ensembles and choirs. While in Croatia, he was the Editor of several educational TV shows with focus on music. During his time at the Croatian Archives, he initiated a state-wide program for the long-term protection of sound and video recordings and also published several papers on the topic.

Dubravko has lived in Vancouver since 1992 simultaneously pursuing a career in information science and music as conductor, arranger, composer, author and music publisher. Dubravko actively promotes Croatian contemporary music and composers.

Following several terms as Director on the Board of Vancouver’s Pro Musica, Turning Point Ensemble and Vancouver Chamber Choir, Dubravko today continues to be an active member of BC dynamic music scene. Dubravko’s compositions take on the format of a “bricolage” – works influenced by a diverse range of things and themes available (for example: a current mood or a mind-set ; or, simply a subconscious reflex to melodic material).